BMT Group Bringing “Bridge of Hope” To Banten Province, Indonesia

Giveback IndonesiaBMT Group Ltd (BMT), the leading international maritime design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has launched a philanthropic project in Banten Province, Indonesia to support people living in island communities. The ‘Bridge of Hope’ initiative will use the engineering and environmental skills and expertise of BMT staff to shape the design of a bridge that will help to connect island inhabitants and enable the safer crossing of the Ciliman river.

Giveback Indonesia 2Del Redvers, Head of Sustainability at BMT Group, comments: “The proposed Bridge of Hope will make a huge difference to the quality of life of the villagers of Desa Mekarjaya and Desa Sukaresmi in Indonesia. The bridge will provide easier access to public amenities such as the mainland school, food markets and medical facilities and will further enable island residents to safely transport farming crops across the river.

Giveback Indonesia 3Currently, to cross the river, locals have to use a raft made from plastic barrels tied to wooden planks, forming a platform for pedestrians and motorcycles. It is a crowded and dangerous way to cross, particularly when the river is high. The raft is propelled by a raft man who pulls a line suspended over the river. In order to go to the other side of the river without using this precarious means of transport, it is a 4km detour on dirt road, which can be a two-hour drive during rainy season.”

Giveback Indonesia 4Working with its NGO partner, ‘Yayasan Relawan Kampung Indonesia’, a team from BMT’s offices in Singapore and Jakarta visited a number of locations in October 2015 to select the most appropriate site for the bridge. The selection was based on potential community benefit, technical feasibility and the optimum conditions in terms of access.

Giveback Indonesia 5

Following a geotechnical survey, the bridge design phase is now underway, with BMT staff reviewing and advising on the proposed designs made by employees and a number of students from the local university.

This project is the second to be delivered under the ‘BMT Giveback’ banner, an initiative conceived to celebrate BMT’s Silver Jubilee and formed to use the skills of staff to better the lives of people through charitable, sustainable projects, all of which are suggested, developed and delivered by staff.

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