BMT Project Team

The BMT Giveback project team is made up of staff from BMT Consultants India. These are the people responsible for delivering the project on time and on budget to Khintla village.

  • Suren Vakil

    Suren Vakil

    Suren Vakil is the Managing Director of BMT Consultants (India). He has wide experience of marine as well as infrastructure projects. As a Managing Director he ensures that the team at BMT Consultants (India) is geared to provide the highest level of service at all times.

  • Darpan Jethi

    Darpan Jethi

    Darpan is a Technical Director of BMT Consultants (India) and responsible for managing the port planning and conceptual engineering stage for port projects. He works with clients often to help them crystallise their needs and prepare a scope for the front end planning and engineering which is critical for the success of any project. He is also an expert in procurement and contractual issues.

  • Rutuja Deshpande

    Rutuja Deshpande

    Rutuja Deshpande works as an Assistant Manager in the Port Planning and Logistics team for BMT Consultants (India). She is actively involved in preparation of master plans and land use plans for port projects. She also works in projects related to hinterland assessment and traffic studies. Rutuja is actively working with Darpan on the implementation of the Giveback Project at Khintla.